February 18, 2010

Etsy finds February

some inspiring finds in february on etsy!

Conservatory of Flowers

I just came upon some old photos I took at the Conservatory of Flowers in GGP a while back that inspired me again.

February 10, 2010

Masquerade, Paper faces on Parade

This past week I've been really inspired by masks or what one may call "face clothing". My friend Ania put on an awesome masquerade party in which many a person showed up with some sort of face ornament. I made the swan mask you see below.

Letty and Summer masking it up.
Laura McKellar is an illustrator for small magazine. I absolutely adore her work. I just discovered her via Oh Joy!
Flurry and Salk papercut masks. So amazing! Check out the link for the awesome hairpieces too.

February 8, 2010

lace knitting

I recently became aware of Rodarte's collaboration with the Winter Olympics and wanted to share the beauty with you. Knitting in general is a love of mine though it may not seem like it seeing that I have not completed a knitting project in a year now. But I try to work on something knitted every year and love re-working old sweaters I find interesting. Since I don't have anything to offer to show you this year I might as well bring up some past work that came to the surface this week as I discovered Rodarte's knitted treasures.

My Senior collection (images below) was entitled "Collecting Dust". My inspiration was home, and the idea of dust collecting in my home collecting memories. Imagine dust bunnies and dryer lint. Here is the snippet I wrote describing my concept.

"Collecting Dust"

Our discarded skin cells eventually become dust, taking shape and accumulating inside our very own homes. They become our memories.
As the old adage says, “Home is where the heart is”. It is the idea of home, dust, nostalgia, and rebirth that my collection is based on. In this transitional period of my life, nothing is either black or white, but grey like the dust that is shed from skin. Crying has played a pivotal part in releasing the tension and confusion this “grey” causes. The mood of my collection is melancholy but hopeful at the same time. The idea of time, tristesse, and chaos are the essence shown in the irregularity of the fabrics I dyed. With a lighthearted approach, crying and questioning become something acceptable but more importantly beautiful. Collecting dust means collecting the tears and memories I’ve cast aside to create a new self.

Here is one of my favorite pieces from the collection. I'm a lover of texture on texture so it was most natural for me to combine elements that one may think twice to combine. This top is put together with a mohair wool blend yarn and a hand dyed silk organza.