July 15, 2011

little paintings

Katy from DaughterEarth and I are making sure we get some painting time in every so often. Here's what I worked on last weekend with her! The last one is still in progress...

*stargarten collaboration w/Daughter Earth Spring 10

Finally got these up!
Prints done by Katy from Daughter Earth/ Photos by Heath Orchard
Also, there are some teacups left on our Etsy shop from our collabo as well.

July 5, 2011

ignite the light...

It's my birfday. I'm turning 30 and what better way to celebrate than with yarn fireworks. Boom boom boom! Even brighter than the moon moon moon. I've been obsessed with Katy Perry these days if you couldn't tell! This year's theme is the Celestial Garden...aka Fireworks. I am hoping 30 is one firecracker of a year! My birthday weekend has been more than dreamy and I hope to carry the theme along for the next 12 months at least. I'm super excited!!!